Valiant Men, Valued Women

Valiant Men, Valued Women

A book by Pastor Ryan McCoskey and members of The Seed

I think it’s safe to say our culture is a parody of gender identity. Men desire to be men, but most men haven’t the slightest clue what real manhood looks like. Women desire to be women, but most women are stuck in the same rut. And this is because we’re always going about it the wrong way.

We can be sure of at least one thing: What we’re doing isn’t working. Not only is it not working, but it’s making things worse. Our vision for what men and women should be has become anemic. We’re far too easy to please. We’ve settled for fashion and fitness and face creams, and as a result, these have become the primary markers of gender identity in our culture.

We need to start at the root. We need to change our definition of valiant men and valued women. We need to take seriously our responsibility to leave a strong legacy for all those who are watching us and learning. And we need all the help we can get for such an ambitious endeavor.

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A Powerful, Poetic Picture

What does it look like when men and women live like Jesus?

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