A Misplaced Joy

A Misplaced Joy: (re)Discover the Christ-Centered Gospel

The first book by Pastor Ryan McCoskey

The Gospel is good news because it gives us eternal life. But more importantly, it gives us eternal life with God. Everyone wants to live forever. You don’t have to be a Christian to want that. But only Christians want eternal life for the purpose of knowing Jesus. Why do you value the Gospel? Do you treat Jesus like a small stepping-stone in your pursuit of eternal life? Or do you value eternal life only because you long to know Jesus forever?

Essentially, do you see Jesus as a means or an end? This book is about Jesus, the Gospel, and your joy. It has been written to help you see the infinite value of Jesus, and to show you why He is the greatest gift of the Gospel. Regardless of where you stand, this book is for you.

All proceeds from book sales go directly back into the Seed.


A Misplaced Joy book cover