Souls at Rest, Souls at Work Diagrams

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Vision 2017

Desire & discipline Diagram: This simple graph reminds us that every virtue or vice that surfaces in our actual living was brought about both by certain habits and hungers. We’re always exuding certain characteristics; that is unavoidable. We can’t help but to be formed into the image of something, this is why it’s so important to “look to Jesus” as the writer of Hebrews says. If we want to grow into Christ, we must acquire healthy desires as well as form healthy habits around those desires.


Mind/Heart/Soul/Strength Diagram: It is commonly misunderstood that discipleship is merely an affair of the mind and strength: what do you believe and what are you doing about it? But real discipleship drives into the heart and soul, which force us to ask what we really want, and who we truly are. The way God designed us is that what we meditate on eventually rattles around in our hearts, and we inevitably form habits around these deeper desires within us. As time goes on, this cycle affects our whole person and trajectory in life.


Souls at Rest, Souls at Work Diagram: This diagram highlights four competencies of the Christian life. The crosshair represents the need for balance and the four corruptions describe what happens when we lack balance in any particular direction. Throughout each year we will seek to grow in these competencies as a church by using a quarterly method.


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Sean McCoskey is the Pastor for Worship and Community here at The Seed Church.


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